NEW SPRING drive for UNI BESTA cassette system

We are introducing a new type of spring mechanism to our offer, which is fully compatible with the previously used components of the UNI BESTA II cassette system in the spring variant. Thanks to the new construction of the mechanism, there is no need to adapt (wind) it in advance depending on the final height of the roller blind. This significantly improves the comfort and speed of assembly of the finished product. All the necessary elements are integrated into one assembly package (Pakiet montażowy UNI-BESTA II S-21 sprężyna – biały, 08 013 1 00 S21), therefore its application does not require adaptation or purchase of additional components. The new type of mechanism is designed for roller blinds with a minimum width of 44 cm. For roller blinds with a smaller width, we recommend the current spring mechanism, which is still on sale.

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