The roller blind is glued to the upper part of the window, together with the „C” type side guide profiles.

The roller blind is mounted in the upper part of the window frame, using spring metal brackets with or without „C” type side guide profiles

Measurement algorithm
• CASSETTE – dimension A +28 mm
• SPACE PROFILE HIGH – cassette’s dimension (A +28 mm)
• TUBE – (A +24 mm) – with an universal plastic welt
• FABRIC – (tube’s dimension -4 mm) every 2 mm per side
• BOTTOM DROP – fabric’s dimension
•‚C’ TYPE SIDE GUIDE PROFILE – dimension B +10 mm

In this version there are two ways of noninvasive roller blind’s assembly instalation:
By sticking to the window frame – tape double sided self adhesive 19 mm.
By hanging on the metal spring bracket.