There are two types of cassette roller blinds – inside and outside mounted. UNI BESTA II system puts the IDEA OF UNIFICATION into practise, as intended by the manufacturer. It gives the possibility of creating various types of version of roller blinds, using always the same basic elements, i.e. set of mounting package, cassette and ø17 tube. By using a proper attachment profile and a distance pad, you can create any roller blinds you need. UNI BESTA II program allows for the instalation of any roller blind without any adaptations. UNI BESTA II system is available with aluminium and plastic profiles. The UNI BESTA II system is particularly attractive as it comes with a wide selection of wood-like veneers.

Maximum width: 160 cm
Maximum height: 210 cm
Colors: white, brown, silver, oak, light oak, golden oak, mahogany, cherry, dark nut, swamp oak, Winchester, gray