The system has been designed according to the latest trends in the windows fashion – smaller sizes of profiles go hand in hand with full functionality and aesthetics. SMALL cassette system is designed to be mounted on a window, the roller blinds base on a new drive mechanism
for ø 15mm tube.

SMALL system especially stands out the new cassette profile in a smaller size, which allows for a wider opening of the window sash and the installation of blinds on the patio doors sliding system. At the same time the universality of the cassette is the ability to use of two types of fabrics (standard or Day-Night) without necessity of additional connecting profiles installation. The roller blinds based on the SMALL system is available as an option with the C-Type side guides and the flat side guides, in full color. The system profiles are made of aluminum.

Maximum width:
160 cm

Maximum height:
250 cm

white, brown