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For 25 years, Besta company specialises in production of textile window shade systems, as one of the leaders of its industry in Poland. Over the last few years we have introduced a series of innovative solutions, adjusting the products in terms of technology, functionality and aesthetic to the needs of contemporary customers.
The innovativeness of BESTA solution consist in the unconventional approach to the construction of the systems that are to resemble “Lego brick”, i.e. sets of basic elements, which can be used in many types of roller blinds.
The idea of unification, as applied in these systems, is based on two assumptions:

The idea of unificanion gives to producers a measurable advantages: stock reductions and increased accessibility to meet all customers’ demands.

Maintenance-free, computer-controlled equipment for consistent, high quality free-hanging. The materiale used from renowned European suppliers for the ultimate product quality, as demanded by our customers.

Our main goal is to offer high-quality innovative solutions and further expand the range of our attractive products...

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